Taking a walk outdoors, enjoying nature.
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Nature is a natural healer. There are many benefits that nature offers to help heal our wounds. Many studies have shown that being in nature benefits our mental health. Why do when people plan vacations, it is usually somewhere with beautiful scenery outdoors? It is because people unknowingly seek out nature to relax and recover from everyday life. There are natural effects of being in nature, nature can help you feel more connected, and it is a natural spiritual reset button. We can learn a lot from nature; the best way to do so is to be in it.

Naturally healing from nature. sitting on a tree taking in the views.
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The Natural Effects of Being in Nature

There are many effects that nature has on the human body. Being active and getting your daily vitamin D and fresh air is only part of it. There are also mental benefits to being in nature that naturally occurs. Some of the mental effects of being out in nature are as follows:

  • Helps reduce stress levels
  • Helps lessen symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Lowers blood pressure and muscle tension. 1

Because of these natural effects, more doctors recommend time outdoors to many of their patients.

Sitting on a rock enjoying being naturally healed.
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Nature Can Help You Feel More Connected

Being outdoors can make you feel more connected to life and yourself. Taking the views from being out can make you feel less lonely. You are connected to so many living creatures, and the path you walk, someone else has walked also. 2

Nature can help remove you from everyday problems. The stress from work, social life, family, and the news can be too much sometimes, increasing your anxiety and depression. Nature can help you connect to something more physical. Walk a path at the local park, swim in the ocean, or lay in the grass by a creek. We naturally slow down and take in the beauty that nature naturally provides us. It makes us realize how big the world is and that there is more to life than the gossip, scandals, and pressure of everyday life. 3

Nature: A Natural Spiritual Reset Button

On top of the world, taking a hike
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Anytime I feel disconnected or overwhelmed with life and its difficulties. I want to go outside, and I want to feel the sun and breeze on my face. To see something else besides the walls inside a building locking me in. I want to feel free.

The outdoors has always been my place to run away and dream when life became too hard. As a child, if I were ever upset, I would go outside to calm myself down and feel better. No matter the weather, if it was sunny, raining, snowing, etc., it was where I wanted to be and where I felt most like myself.

Being in nature removes you from the problems; it cannot make those problems disappear. But it can provide you with the space needed.

Ways to Spend More Time in Nature

There are many ways to spend time in nature. You could develop a hobby that will meet you outdoors more. Here is a list of easy activities to do outside 4:

Pier at the beach
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  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Gardening
  • Picnics
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Birdwatching
  • Nature Photography

Many outdoor places are free to go to. So the only thing stopping you from being naturally healed is you. Check out some of these places near you and enjoy the outdoors:

  • Local parks
  • Trails
  • Beaches
  • Some Botanical Gardens
The Botanical Garden. Healing myself in nature
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  1. I really connected with this blog. Nature is a healer and a cure for those in needs of self-awareness. Having the opportunity to visit and participate in the many outdoor activities mentioned can really improve one’s health and healing methods. Thanks for sharing your views and vision.

  2. I love this! Nature is my favorite healer. A day at the beach or a walk through some woods always soothes my soul.

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