Hi my name is Hermiesha Bonner!

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Welcome to Helpful Hermiesha, where I discuss everything I have learned while on my spiritual journey. I started this page hoping to help others like me who are looking for something more in life.

I started my life like many others, just going along with what people said I should do, getting good grades, going to college, and getting a well-paying job. The problem was that I couldn’t. I couldn’t go on with life feeling the way.

 I tried talking to my family about my feeling, and they told me to pray to God. I tried praying, but it didn’t work for me. No matter how many prayers I sent to Heaven, my problems were still there. I felt stuck and like I was suffocating daily. So I went on for ten years feeling lost and alone in this world.

My first time coming across spirituality was when I was on Facebook looking at groups for friends who understood what I felt. (Silly right!) But there it was, a group of black women smiling and sharing stories about the things they went through and how they overcame them. Some with therapy, some with magic, but they all were able to make it to the other side. They have been lost and struggling to find themselves, and now they are happy, smiling, and living their best lives.

I wanted that. I wanted to feel at peace and be happy and content with my life. So, I joined the group on Facebook and spent countless hours and days learning all I could think about spirituality. The problem was that I didn’t know where to start with all this information. What did I need to learn first, when could I start practicing, how do I learn to meditate, how do I talk to my ancestors, what do all these crystals mean, and what is an altar?

It took a lot of reading and researching to figure this out. (Actually, I’m still learning to this day). So I created this blog to help others who want to be free and happy but might not have the time to research as I did.

I have enjoyed my journey so far, learning about myself and my family history. Getting in touch with who I truly am and my sole purpose on this planet. And if that sounds like something you also want, you have come to the right place.

I have just recently started my business as a life coach. I so enjoy helping others on their journey and now I have to title to match. If you feel as if you need more one on one help with anything that I talk, please feel free to email me or book a discovery call.

So excited, see you soon!