Journaling is a simple example of spiritual practice.
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I believe spiritual practice is a part of life. There are at least 5 simple spiritual practices that people do all the time without noticing that it is spiritual. It gives you purpose and meaning in life, it gives you hope and dreams, and it makes you want to help others. I remember feeling lost, feeling empty inside from going through my day. Waking up, working, watching TV, going to bed, and doing that same routine the next day. I was unhappy; I work in corporate, always being told what to do and how to do it, sitting at a desk for 8+ hours five days a week. It. Was. Mind. Numbing. I was disconnecting from myself and the world around me.

Overwhelmed from work and life.
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Then one day, I was home and felt sad and isolated, so I got on Facebook, as everyone does when they want to feel a connection. I thought that maybe there were others out there that felt like me. And I found several spiritual pages. Women were being open and honest about their life and sexuality, how they are happy now where they are, and can accept themselves, and women still figuring themselves out. The tools, the mystics, the everything about what I was reading and seeing attracted me to these groups. So I joined, and I have not regretted it since.

Spirituality is defined as being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material/physical items.1A belief that there is something more extraordinary than thyself, something more to being human.

Thus, spirituality is about finding and connecting with yourself and the world around you, believing there is more to life than the eye can see. It is about finding peace in the chaos and love in the hatred, finding happiness and purpose in the struggle of day-to-day activities.

There are five simple spiritual ways one could connect to themselves and the world around them. Six effortless ways to start your journey to love, happiness, and hope.

5 Simple Examples of Spiritual Practices

  1. Religion
  2. Meditation
  3. Prayers/ Gratification
  4. Journaling
  5. Nature


Religion and spirituality are related to each other. One can be spiritual without religion, but one can not be religious without spirituality. Spirituality is an individual practice and belief, whereas religion is centered on a set of organized rules that a larger group shares.

Religion is defined as a personal set of institutionalized systems of attitudes, beliefs, and practices; the service and worship of God or the supernatural commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance. 2

An example of the individual practice is someone who goes by their own schedule to worship and praise at their own time. One who prays by saying what they feel in their heart rather than one who seeks prayers from a book. one who makes their rituals rather than follow a group.

An example of religious practice is going to a group setting to pray together and follow specific rules and rituals. Most religions have a ceremony for entrance into that religion. Christianity baptized, Vodun has head-washing, and Buddhism performs multiple rituals, one being incense burning.

Reading the bible is an example of a simple spiritual practice.
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There is a vast number of religions around the world. A few of those religions are listed below:

  1. Christianity
  2. Vodun
  3. Islam
  4. Hinduism
  5. Buddhism
  6. Taoism
  7. Sikhism
  8. Judaism

Religion often involves cultural beliefs, worldviews, texts, prophecies, revelations, and morals that have spiritual meaning to members of a particular faith. As a result, it can encompass a range of practices, including sermons, rituals, prayers, meditations, holy symbols, trances, and feasts.3

Most people follow a religion because it is a source of comfort and guidance; it can provide a basis for moral beliefs and behaviors. Therefore, it can give a sense of community and connection to a tradition. 4


Meditation is an ancient practice involving focusing or clearing your mind using mental and physical techniques. It is a thousand-year-old practice, and different forms come from around the world.5

No one is certain where meditation first originated from. It is believed to have originated in India several thousand years ago. This topic is heavily debated between different regions.6

Meditation is an example to calm the world around you and practice being spiritual.
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There are many meditation techniques, each focusing on different areas of the body to relieve stress and tension or to help focus and clear one’s mind. A few methods and listed below:

  1. Mindful Meditation
  2. Focused Meditation
  3. Mantra Meditation
  4. Body Scan Meditation
  5. Visitation Meditation

Finally, there is no right or wrong way to meditate. These few in the list above are references to help get started in meditation. From there, one can find a way that works for them or create their own.

Prayers and Gratification

A prayer in the dictionary is an address to God or gods in word or thought, an earnest request or wish.7 At the same time, gratification is defined as a state of being grateful or appreciative.8

Saying prayers and giving gratitude is another example of a simple practice of spirituality.
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Times people pray to include a time of need for clarity or answers from the great divine, “Why is this happening?” “What does this mean?” “Please help; give me a sign.” “Please protect me, loved ones.”‘Please protect me.” Therefore, these are very few examples of times people say prayers. I, myself, have said these prayers to ask for protection and guidance.

Whereas gratification is not to ask for anything from the great divine but to be grateful and appreciative of what one has right now. What do you have right now to be thankful for? Well, you have a device with internet, so that you can read this post is one thing. What about a roof over your head? Food? Clean water? Do you have your health? Did you get out of bed this morning? There are lots to be grateful for. And no one should take those items for granted.

Hence, saying or writing down what all one has to be grateful for can help you see the bright side. It could help you see how lucky you are and that not everything is as wrong as it seems. For this reason, I like to write down my gratifications in the morning. I think of things that I am grateful for throughout the day, and it helps me feel full and thankful. I also write in my journal anything else that I had to be grateful for at the end of the day.


Journaling is my all-time favorite. I have been writing down my thoughts and feelings, and experiences ever since I could write in complete sentences.

Journaling is a record of experiences, ideas, reflections, daily thoughts, and feelings.9

Journaling is a very simple way to practice connecting to oneself.
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There are multiple ways to journal, and each method is unique.10

  1. Free Writing
  2. Lists
  3. Art, doodling, drawing, painting, and sketches
  4. Unsent Letter
  5. Reflection Journaling

Free writing allows you to let your thoughts flow and write down anything that comes across your mind. On the contrary, writing a list of emotions or a to-do list allows you to get your thoughts organized and on paper.

Art is a way to express yourself on paper and get creative.

Painting is a form of art that one could practice and is a simple example of spiritual.
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An unsent letter is a letter you would address to someone you know. That person could be alive or dead. This letter allows you to freely write down your feelings. But, this letter is never meant to be sent or mailed. This is just a way for closure for the author.

Reflection journaling is an activity for the end of the day. This is a time to sit and look back at the events of the day and analyze how and why things happened the way they did.

If you are new to journaling, I would suggest trying all of these techniques. Each one could reveal a different side to you and who you are. You might discover something new about yourself along the way.


Nature is a straightforward way to feel connected to the spirit and the world. Walking and sitting in the grass is also free of charge and is available to everyone. Whether on a hike or in your backyard, outdoors does fantastic things to and for our bodies. This feeling of peace and realization that the world is such a prominent place and that my problems do not compare to how big the world is. It feels incredible to know that is am connected to multiple living creatures. The path I walk, someone or something also has walked, even years ago.

Being in nature is an example of simple spiritual practices.
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So, Spirituality is a part of life. /many people participate in spiritual practices and do not even know it. Spirituality is a form of connection to the world around me, including the people, animals, creatures, and even spirits that roam around here.

I practice spirituality because it feels more personal than religion. Religion is a set of rules, while spirituality is what I make of it. I practice to better myself and to give myself knowledge and insight as to how I can help others (why I am here writing this post).

I encourage people to try different methods, such as journaling or meditation, to help with whatever they might have going on in their lives. The key, I believe, for these techniques to work is that you have to be open-minded. It might seem silly, but that’s how I felt as a kid praying to a man in the sky whom I could not see or hear. So take it one step at a time; after a while, it could become a part of your daily practice. And yes, you can still be religious and practice spirituality.


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  1. Your blog is very informative and persuasive. I really like what you wrote in accordance with the meaning of spirituality and religion. The five examples of spiritual practices are on point in acknowledging one’s mental status. All that were written have been good medicine for my soul and well-being.

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